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  1. Confucianism and Daoism are both alike and dislike. They both believe in the model of “Yin and Yang.” Confucianism was created by a man named Confucius. He told everybody that they should know their role, respect their family, elders, and ancestors, and also that they should listen to the analects. Daoism was founded by Laozi and he established that you should go with the flow and give up your material possessions and be one with nature. They both had a big impact because they established how the Chinese would live his/her life. They also evened each other out, because they had what the other lacked.

  2. Confucianism and Taoism are different and somewhat similar. The biggest similarity is that they both believe in Yin and Yang. After that fact, they are mostly different. Confucianism was established by Confucius and Taoism was founded by Laozi. The teachings of Confucius are compiled in the Analects while the special writing of Taoism is the Tao de Jing. Confucius believed that people should know their role and respect elders/ancestors. Laozi believed that you should live a simple life and go with the flow. He also believed that people should give up their possessions and bond with nature. They both greatly impacted China mainly since people respected their elders and the idea of living a simple life and going with the flow made everyone’s life a little easier.

  3. Confucianism was a religion founded by Confucius. he was an old Chinese philosopher. he wrote ethics in a book called Analects and advised that a community follows his ethics in order to function. Confucius was big on knowing your role and your duty in a family, fathers being the most important and women less,. now days china still values males more then females. Daoism is a religion started by Laozi. he wrote the doa de jing. Doaism believe that the way to achieve peace is by being one with nature and living a simple and natural life. many Chinese are big into living simple natural lives today.

  4. Confucianism and Daoism have many differences and few similarities. Confucianism is a philosophy that taught the importance of family, respect for one’s elders, and reverence for the past and one’s ancestors. This philosophy was founded by a man named Confucius whose teachings were concerned with how political and social unrest could be solved through ethics. He encouraged positive behavior for China’s leaders. His teachings said this could be achieved by everyone knowing their role in society and by performing the duties of that role. He also taught leaders should not seek wealth but seek the welfare and happiness of their people. Finally he taught only well educated people should be appointed because people would follow those who followed these virtues. Daoism is fairly different than Confucianism. It was created by a man named Laozi and took its name from the Dao which means the way. Laozi taught that the Dao was an indescribable force that governed the universe and nature. He taught people should withdraw from the world and contemplate nature so they could become one with the Dao. Laozi thought people should not strive for material wealth, shunned politics, and that people should not seek power. The only similarity is they both believe in yin and yang. Confucianism impacted society by making people respect their elders which made people more polite. Daoism impacted society by making people want a simple life and not many material things. This caused people to be happy with little and get along better because they went with the flow.

  5. Confucianism’s main philosophy is know your role, while Taoism’s main philosophy is go with the flow. Confucius, the founder of confucianism, thought that strong political leaders had to be positive role models to the community. Laozi, the founder of Daoism, thought you should lead a simple life. Both religions believe in the Yin Yang, which is made up of a dark, femenine side, and a light, masculine side. The writings of confucianism was the Analects, which were ethics taught by Confucius, and the writings of Taoism was the Dao de Jing.

  6. Confucianism was founded by Confucius. His teachings were collected in the Analects. He taught the importance of family, respect for one’s elders, and reverence for one’s ancestors. He aslso believed that rulers should be virtuous and that this would led to people following the ruler willingly. He also taught that one should except his role in society and perform the duties of that role. Daoism was founded by Laozi. He believed that the Dao was a force that governed the universe and all of nature. He believed that people should withdraw for the world and contemplate with nature. This way they could understand the Dao. He advised people not to seek power and to be humble quiet and thoughtful. The Dao De Jing is a collection of Laozis’s teachings. Both confucianism and Daoism believe in yin and yang. Both a had a great impact on society. Confucianism taught people to respect their elders and their ancestors and to know their role and fulfill there duties. Daoism taught people to be more simple and content. Confucianism and Daoism brought balance to Chinease culture because each supplied what the other lacked.

  7. Confucianism was founded by a philosopher named Confucius. He had the philosophy of know your role in society. He put his ideas in the Analects. The Analects taught that your family, elders, and ancestors should be respected. He believed that the rulers should be virtuous and that with this people would follow the ruler. Daoism was founded by Laozi. His philosophy was to go with the flow. He believed that Dao was a force of the universe. Laozi put his teachings in the Dao De Jing. Both of these philosophies had a great impact on Chinese culture. Confucianism taught people to do your duties to your role in society. Daoism taught peace and harmony with nature. These two philosophies balance each other because they teach the opposite of the other.

  8. Confucianism was started by a Chinese philospher named Confucius. Confucianism was focused around family values and politeness. It was very much like a set of codes for politeness, conduct, and family interaction. The father was the head of the household, and Confucians belived that a strong family created a strong country. Daoism is centered around harmony and balance. It is based on simplcity, harmony with nature, and meditation. Daoism was founded by Loazi and its symbol was the Yin/Yang symbol. Both of the lifestyles were adopted by many Chinese families or mixed together and used until Buddhism came along. But many families still kept Daoist and Confucianist values along with Buddhism. Many Chinese traditional values are still based around these ancient religions.

  9. Confucianism was founded by an old Chinese prospector named Confucius. Confucianism’s guidline is based on Knowing your role. The terms for Confucianism is based on the Analects, a book written by Confucius based on ethics. The believed that you should respect your elders and that people are good not bad. The also believed that education is very important. This is way different than Daosim because they believed that humans should live with humility and that there is no afterlife. Their founder was Laozi and he wrote a Holy Book for Taoism. They also believed in Yin and Yang two gods that were complete opposites. They are alike because they are extremely popular in China and both brought balance to Chinese culture.

  10. Confucianism was founded by confusucius. Daosim was founded by Laozi. They both believed in Yin and Yang. Confucianism was all about family and politeness. Daosim believed you should leave all of your posetions and become one with nature.

  11. confusiouseism was founded by confusuioce. daosim was founded by laozi. they both believed in yin and yang.

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